A new study by CompTIA found that many small and medium-sized businesses want to partner with innovative managed services providers. In the study, more than 70 percent of companies said that they had worked with an outside IT agency at least once over the last 12 months, and two-thirds planned to increase their budgets to support those services.


One of the top reasons that respondents used MSPs was because they value innovation. In fact, 46 percent of the SMBs surveyed said that they outsource certain projects in order to gain more expertise and fresh opinions on technology solutions. Some of the key services that SMBs would like to see incorporated into MSP service offerings were data analytics, cloud computing, and web design. MSPs help fill the technology void that some small to mid-size businesses feel in a way that is innovative and cost-effective.


However, as more business stress the need for innovative solutions and see it as a primary driver for outsourcing their technology needs, providers must take a more holistic approach to their technology management. For instance, instead of simply providing businesses with a cloud computing model, the most effective providers will consider how cloud computing with fit into the overall technology strategy. CompTIA’s senior director, Seth Robinson highlighted this in a recent article saying,


“What we’re seeing is SMBs are wanting to move from a relationship with an outside IT firm that’s strictly about installing a product or supporting a product or repairing that product and moving more into getting them the solutions or ideas for the solutions that will match where they want to go with the business.”


Technology is becoming even more essential for managing and growing a business. In order to help small and mid-sized businesses grow, managed services providers need to offer solutions that are tightly tied to an overall technology strategy.